The 20 Minute Echo Park Workout

Commonly referred to as “the coolest neighborhood in LA”, Echo Park is known for its nightlife, trendy bars, vegan eateries (Sage Vegan Bistro is a MUST) and overall urban vibes.

But did you also know Echo Park is home to LA’s coolest and quickest workout?

The residents of Echo Park and Downtown LA are awesome, and awesomely busy. So leave it to them to discover the kind of workout that would have OrangeTheory evangelists converting to a new way to build lean muscle faster than you can say “burn, baby burn.”

In just 20 minutes a week.

Yep, you read that right. In 20 minutes a week you get a mean, lean, gorgeous body. And that body comes with a personal trainer.

Melinda Hughes, owner of The Strength Shoppe and slow training expert, explains the phenomenon that is “slow training”  and why it’s blowing up in Echo Park.

“Slow training, while super slow, is a high-intensity strength training workout that’s a more effective way of exercise than the traditional way of lifting. Easier on your body, but with the ability to build muscle faster, slow training is a full-body workout that focuses on compound exercises and can be done in just 20 minutes a week. In fact, it should only be done 20 minutes once a week.”

People don’t have time to workout 3x a week for an hour each time, and most people don’t want to spend $300+ a week on a personal trainer, even if they do have the time.

The Strength Shoppe is the best of both worlds. You always workout with your trainer, and to get maximum results you only come in once a week for 20 minutes.

The result?

A body that looks like you spend 3 days (or more) grinding hard at the gym!

Skeptical? Here are some of the benefits that Slow Training has to offer, besides just looking great, because we don’t want to come across as totally vain.  

Better Cardio

You don’t have to jog like a maniac to get your cardio on.

Actually, your cardio needs + weight lifting needs are all  accounted for when you slow train.

Since slow training focuses on taking the muscles to complete muscle failure, your heart and lungs have to work that much harder to get oxygen to the failing muscles.

The more the muscle is challenged, the harder your lungs and heart have to work.  Voila, cardio.

Better Metabolism

More muscle = more fat burning metabolic superpowers.

And the faster you can add that muscle mass, the faster you can burn fat. The best part? You can maintain healthy weight loss in just 20 minutes a week. Which means no obsessing over “points” or having to workout every single day to try and maintain your “perfect” weight.

If you’ve struggled to keep weight off in the past, slow training will help you keep the pounds off for good.

Better Flexibility

Can’t touch your toes at Yoga? We feel ya, and that’s one of the reasons we’re obsessed with Slow Training.

In just 20 minutes, once a week, your flexibility increases as your body gets put through an intense, full-body workout that requires your muscles to go through a full-range of motion. Not only do your muscles increase in flexibility, but so do your ligaments and tendons, resulting in both flexibility and better balance.

More Muscle Tone

Sounds obvious right? But lifting more often doesn’t mean more muscle tone. If you lift too often, you impair your ability to build muscle, because strength gains are made in the days following the workout during the recovery process, not during the workout itself. 

With slow training, the muscles are exhausted to complete failure, meaning you get to build more muscle tone and strength quickly as the muscles are forced to adapt to a high stimulus. Which is a good thing, considering that after your late 20s you start to lose a half-pound of muscle every year – and that muscle loss is usually replaced by fat. UGH.

Slow training helps you regain that muscle mass and keep it!

Want to try a 20 minute high-intensity slow training workout with a trainer for 50% off? If you’re in the Echo Park or Downtown LA areas, scoop up this deal, we promise you’ll be hooked!

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