Why Slow Training is for Life

In Echo Park, we’re all about the next thing, the newest coffee bars (Eightfold, anyone?) all in a perfectly Instagrammable atmosphere and did I mention: we want it now?

So, is it any wonder that when it comes to maintaining a healthy body, (that’s swimsuit season ready) we tend to think more is well… more?

With 85 degree days lurking not far behind these soggy rainclouds, the dread of hitting the gym and cycling our souls to death 5 times a week has us feeling those namastay-in-bed vibes for real.

Don’t throw the covers back over your head just yet. What if I said you didn’t have to try the newest exercise trends EVER again and you could STILL look killer month after month, year after year?


Enter Echo Park’s sleekest new resident: The Strength Shoppe.

Basically, it’s all our fitness goal dreams wrapped up into one 20-minute session, once a week*.

*No, that’s not a gimmick. YES, you read that right: once a week.


Slow Training.

Essentially slow training takes all the best benefits of your least favorite exercises, slows them WAY down, cuts the time in half, and delivers results that can be maintained for FOREVER.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because we’ve been sold exercise programs as “quick-fixes” that at best deliver mild results (if you eat rabbit food forever) and at its worst, leaves you bloated after just one long weekend off your “routine.”

We’ve been taught that a lean, strong, and sexy body is difficult to shape and even HARDER to maintain.

The issue is (in addition to the others stated above) we don’t want to be sleek and strong for just one season, our best friend’s wedding, our wedding, or the next 5 years – we want it for a lifetime.

We want to know that if we show up and put the work in we’ll get what we want (i.e. a rockin’ bod), right?

To do this, we have to flip the switch from seeing exercise as a “quick-fix” to being part of our lifestyle. Before, thanks to thigh-masters and Jazzercise, this probably seemed extremely hard to maintain (and probably a little insane).

But insane can be a good thing right? 😉

Here are 3 ways Slow Training is your new forever workout… and by forever, we mean people in their 80s are still rockin’ these routines.

Boost Metabolism

Um, hello? Sign me up! As soon as we hit 20, everyone and their grandma LOVES telling us to “enjoy that piece of cake now” because all our dreams of enjoying food (aka life) as we know it are about to be flushed down the drain with our fast-fading metabolism.

How? Through Slow Training you build MORE muscle, faster– and more muscle is like throwing fuel on the fat-burning fire. Burn baby, burn.

Stay Heart Healthy

When we think of cardio, the first images that come to mind are energetic people jumping around in onesies and leg-warmers, or long intervals spent on a treadmill in a sweaty gym. Well, the time has come to shake off those old clichés – because we now know that lifting weights is the new cardio. Sorry, Richard Simmons #sorrynotsorry.

Age Gracefully

I know, it’s probably the LAST thing any of us want to hear, but whether we like it or not we’re still here, which means we’re gettin’ older. BUT the good news is, we can still be rockin’ a strong physique even as we get closer to those scary birthdays.

How? As we get older we begin to lose all those great things that keep us limber and strong – this is where Slow Training really kicks-butt!

Because you’re lifting to muscle exhaustion as slowly as you can, you’re eliminating not only impact on your body, but you’re minimizing the risk of injury – while cultivating all over body and bone strength (and density) which makes you actually MORE resistant to injury overall.

That means you’ll look hot now, but you’ll also still be able to hit up those senior cruises with your pals when you’re 85.

Got 20 minutes? Of course you do.

Drop by and see us at The Strength Shoppe to try the “forever” workout for yourself. Snag 50% off your first workout at our easy-peasy Echo Park location.

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