Age Backwards: How Slow Training Takes 10 Years off Your Face

When it comes to anti-aging, LA is the place to be.

From the newest exfoliation treatments to face yoga (Yes, it is an actual thing), LA has it all. But when you really want to lessen those not-so-fine lines, is there a better and less invasive way to slow down the aging process?

While our first instinct may be to RUN to the dermatologist at the first sign of crow’s feet, younger looking skin could actually start with exercise.

It’s probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think of keeping your face as taut as Jane Fonda’s when our birthdays head north of 40, but  recent studies are coming to the conclusion that: having a consistent exercise regimen up through your golden years, is the way to go if you want to retain youthful looking skin.

Here’s where it gets tricky, because the honest truth is not all exercise was created equal and with all the options laid out at our feet (ones that have celebrity endorsements for days), how do we choose the right one? And not just for our inner health, but for outer health (ahem, wrinkle prevention) as well?

You probably already guessed it: Slow Training.

Here’s why Slow Training will have you feeling and LOOKING younger…

You’ll never have to run another day in your life…

Unless, of course, it’s to grab that last pair of strappy sandals at Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale. But in all seriousness, there’s actually been more talk of how cardio (including running) may actually be one of the WORST things you can do as the years keep passin’ by.

All that jumping up and down, day after day, year after year — adds up QUICK and not just in our joints, but on our face as well.

And cardio isn’t exactly what we think it to be either – in fact, it’s just a stage name. Cardio, otherwise known as steady-state aerobic activity, causes our muscle cells to use primarily oxygen to create muscle energy (ATP) to produce movements.

The problem?

Increased oxygen delivered to your cells produces more free radicals, not less. Not only are free radicals responsible for nasty illnesses like cancer and heart disease, but free radical damage leads to wrinkled, dehydrated, deflated, and generally older looking skin.

On the flipside, this is where Slow Training really knocks it out of the aging park. Because you work the muscles to exhaustion, you get the same aerobic workout those long jogs used to accomplish but in a fraction of the time. This minimizes the oxidation (caused by the free radicals) that ages you.

Less working out = less wrinkles.

More collagen, no injections necessary.

On top of being insanely easier on your joints, building more muscle has been linked to INCREASING the production of collagen cells.

More muscle AND more collagen? Yes, please!

While every anti-aging beauty procedure and product under the sun is telling us how to “boost” our dwindling collagen by investing in their miracle cure, you could actually be creating MORE of it simply by getting into killer shape.

Um, that’s the best 2 birds with one stone situation I’ve ever heard of.

And because you only have to go for 20 minutes once a week, Slow Training is something you can do forever… basically your friends will think you’ve found the Fountain of Youth.

20 minutes once a week could save your skin a lifetime of wrinkles.

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