Gaining Weight? Why Working out Too Much is Killing your Metabolism

The more we work out, the more weight we’ll lose, right?


While we live in the land where more is more, when it comes to keeping in shape and losing weight– less may actually be more.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

While this may sound like the stuff dreams are made of, the evidence is stacking up that “less is more” is the real deal.

I repeat: working out less may actually lead to greater weight loss.

It’s like God has spoken.

If you’re still not sold, let’s talk about why more isn’t more when it comes to weight loss.

Time isn’t on your side…

If you’ve read some of the earlier blog posts, you may already be in camp #slowtraining, but if this is a new concept to you, be prepared for a shock:

Too much cardio can actually make you gain weight.

Yep, you read that right and here’s how: long periods of sustained cardio can actually create more of the stress hormone that CAUSES your body to gain weight. And if that’s not awesome enough, too much cardio actually depletes your muscle mass, which lowers your metabolism. Yay. Double Yay.

So all those hours you spent sweating calories into oblivion? Time to kiss ‘em goodbye.

Too much of a good thing

When we think of getting rid of X number of pounds and really decide to “get serious” about losing weight, there’s a tendency to go all out, all the time.

We think it’s all or nothing, right?

By doing this, not only are we potentially creating more stress by working out too much, but we’re also in danger of creating a vicious cycle where your metabolism can actually shut down.


It sounds pretty scary and quite frankly the results are WAY less than desirable.

How? When we’re trying to lose those extra lbs, we tend to exercise too much and eat too little.

To keep up, our body starts to metabolise fat tissue — however when it can’t get the fat tissue, it’ll go for muscle (the thing we’re trying to build), which puts our bodies into “starvation mode” meaning your metabolism shuts down to protect itself.

AKA it holds onto EVERYTHING.

Bad Bonus: Working out too much actually puts us at a higher risk for injury. The benefits of exercise are gained during recovery, not during the workout.

Workout too often and not only don’t we see the benefits of exercise, we continue to fatigue and weaken the body. Hello, injury and illness. 

What to do instead?

You probably guessed it, but we’re fans of strength training here, specifically: Slow Training.

How can 20 minutes take the place of hours at the gym?

Simple: by building muscle you can maintain over a lifetime.

This also may sound too good to be true, but this time it isn’t. In fact, there’s a whole book that delves into the science of why it works.

But for the non-science readers out there, Slow Training is not only sustainable, at once a week for 20 minutes. It’s also accessible. We have 100+ Slow Trainers in here still kickin’ butt on a week-to-week basis.

So not only will you be avoiding the stress-induced weight gain from working out too much with Slow Training, but you’ll also be building muscle that will BOOST your metabolism to improve your weight loss.

Muscle = metabolism

Simple, easy, accessible, and actually true.

Let’s get those pesky pounds off before the summer heat wave hits LA, which knowing Southern California could be any day now. Snag our super cool deal here.


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