Personal Training
in Pasadena and Echo Park / DTLA 
or virtual training in the privacy of your own home!
Because your strength matters now, more than ever…

The Strength to Thrive

Whether you enjoy working out at our Pasadena personal training studio or you prefer to work with a personal trainer at our Echo Park gym, we want you to know that our clients mean everything to us. As we emerge from the pandemic, your strength is more important than ever. We are open at both locations, proudly maintaining high standards and significant safety precautions.

If you would rather work out at home, we’ve got you covered. You can still have the weekly support of your trainer and benefit from The Strength Shoppe’s uniquely effective training tailored to your needs via Facetime or Zoom. Whether you choose to train at one of our clean, private studios or in the privacy of your own home, our team of certified personal trainers is here for you.

 Establish or return to your routine. Enjoy the support of your trainer. Cultivate your strength. Thrive.

Efficient Personal Training Pasadena


With our slow-motion strength training method, your muscles move the weights, not momentum. When you are not using momentum to lift the weights, you work your muscles to a deeper, more thorough level of muscle fatigue for a complete, total body workout in just 20 minutes!

Evidence Based Personal Training in Pasadena


Science shows that lifting weights slowly reduces the force on your joints and connective tissues. Working without momentum ensures you are always in control of the weight, eliminating risk of injury. Your body receives the maximum benefit of exercise when you safely work to muscle exhaustion.

Personal Training Pasadena

Caring Experts

Train with professional, highly experienced instructors who care. Our instructors are well-versed in working with individuals of all ages and can expertly design an effective, yet safe workout for anyone– even those who struggle with injuries and the most challenging medical conditions.

Our Philosophy

Now in Three Locations: Pasadena, Echo Park/DTLA,

and via Facetime or Zoom in the Privacy of Your Own Home.

Pasadena Personal Training at The Strength Shoppe


The Colonnade at 350 South Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101.

Strength Shoppe Echo Park

Echo Park / DTLA

305 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

strength training at home

Strength at Home

Created during the pandemic quarantine to keep our clients safe without sacrificing health, it’s become widely popular to those outside LA county.

See What 20 Minutes Once a Week Has Done for These People:

Get a Better Workout

It’s not just shorter… it’s smarter.