If you wish to change your body, you must first agree to live in your body…just as it is right now.

Most of us walk around in the world completely disembodied.

Our bodies act as the life support system for our brains.

We don’t care much for our bodies and pay them little attention, except when it comes to criticizing the body for not looking the way we would like it to look. Or for not feeling the way we would like it to feel.

Imagine treating your spouse, best friend or child the way you treat your body?

We expect the body to be everything we want it to be, but we could care less about actually working to have a relationship with it.

Your body is constantly trying to communicate with you in subtle– and not so subtle– ways.

Your body has an innate wisdom.

Which you can learn to listen for, to trust, and to respect when you have a relationship with your body.

Agree to live in your body. Today. Just the way it is.

Sometimes living in your body is a lot harder than it sounds.

You have to forgive the body, accept the body, and stop the self-hate.

You can control your thoughts.

You can shape your relationship with your body.

You can even change your body, if you so desire.

But you first must accept and LOVE your body, unconditionally, just as it is right now.

Positive changes are only possible through love and acceptance.

Assignment: Make a list of everything you Love about your body. Hint: Breathing should be a part of the list.

Refer to your list when a negative thought about your body creeps in to your mind.

We no longer hate our bodies.

We love them and will live in them, provide for them, nourish them, worship them.

For after all, it is because of this body that you are on this wild ride called Life.