Ever notice how human beings are terrified of change?

Even amazing changes we’ve wanted our entire lives can cause a little anxiety when they are finally realized.

Most people are resistant to change because of the uneasiness and uncertainty surrounding “different.”

The unknown can be uncomfortable.

As the seasons change this year, I’m making some major life decisions that will bring lots of change into my life.

And while all of these decisions are bringing positive change, change that I’ve been working towards for a long time (personal and professional growth as well as moving in with my best friend and planning a destination wedding), feelings of fear creep in as these big shifts change my everyday life— and my expectations for the future.

So I got to thinking.. why is change so scary to most of us?

Change is both gaining something and losing something.

And both of those things are happening at the same time.

What we gain from a change generates excitement and propels us forward.

But many of us first focus on the loss of the change. Sometimes we must mourn what once was before fully moving into the change and enjoying the “new” normal.

This important transition serves to celebrate the way of the past while preparing oneself for the way of the future.

My work with clients is about guiding people as they make health changes. Honoring their current habits and survival mechanisms is the first step to creating a change.

Your current life has served you well, taught you lots of valuable life lessons, and prepared you for this next step.

After honoring the past, we can make a conscious choice to step into a new future, one that may feel uncertain.

I have a client who lost weight due to healthy (yet easily sustainable) new habits and surprisingly struggled with the attention she received.

It was different. She wasn’t prepared for how this change would feel. What she would gain and what she would lose.

Uncertainty is ok. Fear is ok. Feeling uncomfortable is ok.

These feelings are an indication that you are up-leveling. You’re stepping into a new version of yourself.

Feelings of loss can be honored without allowing them to prevent your growth.

Feelings of uncertainty indicate you’re doing something new.

Celebrate the uncertainty.

Get super comfy with the uncertainty.

And then get on with it.

Because you have an amazing life to live.

And a greatness to realize.

And as always, be gentle with yourself.