Nutrition Counseling

One-on-one health coaching

You are a collection of your past experiences, and the shared views of your family, your friends, and your community.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors are born from all of your life experiences– the good, the bad, the ugly.

Change happens through learning how to best support your individual body with nutrition and exercise, as well as healing emotional and physical traumas to shift the beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that don’t serve your greatest goals and your vision of your best, most-fulfilled life.

Health is not one-size-fits-all.

I hate diets. are you going to give me a diet?

It’s not about restricting, depriving, or punishing yourself.

It’s about nourishing yourself.

It’s about positively changing your relationship to food, to exercise, and to yourself.

We teach intuitive eating. You’ll never be on a diet again. Diets destroy your relationship with food and with your body.

That fad diet is being sold to you by someone to turn a profit. If you buy into the misinformation, someone gets to buy a yacht.

So why do we buy into these fads?

Because buying into the latest fad and blindly following the newest protocol is so much easier than doing the research for ourselves. It’s easier than becoming our own advocate. It’s easier than learning and understanding what is best for the body we live in.

Invest some time and energy into yourself. Upfront, it takes a little effort, patience, and due diligence. But once you learn how to take care of your body, you’ve scored freedom from all the lies, misinformation, and sales tactics hoping to rope in uninformed seekers, desperate to find a solution.


Nutrition Counseling

You Can Do This.

We help you identify and work through the blocks that keep you from having the healthy body you’ve always wanted.

You are your own solution.

Break free.

Because you’re worth it.

Find your You-nique Solution.

Melinda Hughes, MSHN opened her first fitness studio, The Strength Shoppe, in 2011 to bring the benefits of slow-cadence, high-intensity strength training to Pasadena, California. In 2017, she expanded The Strength Shoppe, opening a second studio in downtown Los Angeles/Echo Park.

Working with hundreds of clients in tens of thousands of sessions, Melinda attributes her passion for high-intensity strength training to the impact she has seen on the health of her clients. She loves to see the clients of The Strength Shoppe significantly improve the quality of their lives, whether regaining the ability to walk unassisted, decreasing the amount of insulin necessary to control a diabetic condition, or simply fitting into a smaller pant or dress size.

Melinda combines her expertise in holistic nutrition, exercise science, eating psychology, and the mind/body connection to coach clients all over the world into healing the relationships they have with their bodies so they may more easily shift into behaviors that positively contribute to the overall health they desire.

In 2022, Melinda and her husband, Arjen van Eijmeren, launched online support and coaching programs to help others cultivate total health; mind, body, and spirit. This movement helps humans lead healthier, happier lives.

Melinda holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Denison University. She graduated from Denison magna cum laude with an Honors diploma before going on to earn a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition summa cum laude at Hawthorn University, an accredited holistic health institute dedicated to the ongoing education of health professionals. Melinda is a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) instructor and received her Power of Ten certification from Adam Zickerman in his Manhattan studio. She is a certified Mind Body Eating Coach through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and advocates a balanced, active lifestyle with a whole foods diet and slow-cadence high-intensity strength training as the foundation for optimal health.

We can’t wait to see you thrive!

Nutrition Consultation

• One 60 minute nutrition consultation
• A plan for the next 30 days toward your health goal
*Investment of $150

4 Weeks of Private Coaching

• Four 45 minute coaching sessions
• Unlimited email and text support from Melinda
*Investment of $400

10 Weeks of Private Coaching

• Ten 45 minute coaching sessions
• Unlimited email and text support from Melinda
*Investment of $900

20 Weeks of Private Coaching

• Twenty 45 minute coaching sessions
• Unlimited email and text support from Melinda
*Investment of $1600

Nutritionist on Speed dial

• One 45 minute coaching session
• Unlimited Voxer (email & text) support from Melinda
*Investment of $97/mo

Pantry Purge & Fridge Fix

• Identify & replace foods that are not furthering your health goals
• Learn how to read food labels like a nutritionist
*Investment of $200

Grocery Shopping Session

• 60-90 minute grocery shopping trip together
• Learn how to read food labels like a nutritionist
*Investment of $200