I’ve been really crabby the last few weeks.

And before my Mom gets all excited (I see you, Carolyn Henderson), no I’m not pregnant.

But also by really crabby, I mean REALLY CRABBY.

A certain four letter word comes to mind.

Today after my amazing boyfriend (and his two kids) painted the bathroom of The Strength Shoppe, Echo Park (while I was at a bridal shower, I might add), I found myself snapping at him, claiming he was not “being helpful” after I spilled a glass of water.

Guys, I spilled the water.

Um, how ashamed am I?

Also, it’s Father’s Day.

Luckily, I live with a verified ✔︎ superhero who knows I am not the awful monster I was pretending to be.

On the ride home as I was choking back guilty tears, I asked myself why I was being such a little C – U – Next Tuesday.

I answered myself almost immediately, “Stop making me do things!!!!”

With two locations of The Strength Shoppe and now twice the staff to manage, I have been pushing myself to work, work, work. Anyone who has ever opened any kind of business knows that your to-do list never ends.


I am sure some of you can relate.

Now normally I have a bunch of things that I always could be doing, but at this time, some of these tasks feel especially urgent. People are depending on me and demanding from me.

All. The. Time.

So I have been PUSHING myself.

Not sure when I last shaved my legs,

made my own food (thanks, Arjen),


My quality of life right now is really low.

And guess, what?

My body feels like crap, too. I feel bloated and blah.

Why do we constantly neglect our mental health?


How do you know if you are mentally healthy?

Do you feel good? Are you happy? Or when a problem arises, do you lose your mind?

When you sacrifice your mental health for other aspects of your life, you cheat yourself.

We become so focused on our goals, relationships, or just paying the bills, that we forget to ENJOY the journey.

Today is your life. So take a deep breath and relax. Take that mental break. Don’t push your mind to constantly do, work, more, harder.

You’re stealing your own happiness.

On the car ride home today, I imagined what the day would have been like if I were in a different headspace. If I were able to laugh and play with my family as we put a lot of blood (yeah, for real), sweat, tears, and LOVE into a space that will give people the courage and the STRENGTH to live their lives as fiercely as possible.

That would have been nice:)

So maybe we have to take that little time for ourselves because it’s too expensive not to.

It may be as simple as changing out of the sweatpants for the first time this week or a quick ten minute meditation or calling a friend and asking about his/her day.

We aren’t machines. We should never expect our bodies or our minds to run like one.

When we take care of our health- all aspects of our health- we can maintain that positive attitude. We feel happy, and challenges that would cripple the unhealthy version of ourselves roll right off the back:)

Give yourself the gift of a mental break and see how much better you feel.

You (and only you) know what’s best for your body. It sometimes just takes a little time to learn to listen:)

And just so you know, I made dinner and got a massage for Arjen van Eijmeren.

Hopefully he forgives the monster inside me.