Do you know YOU?

Do you know your purpose?

The more ALIGNED 🙏 you are with your life’s purpose

(what you are here to learn,

how you are here to grow,

how you are here to share yourself with the world),

the EASIER reaching a health goal becomes!

If you are resisting your life’s journey,

if you refuse to look at what you are here to learn,

if you deny your emotions or your past experiences,

if you are sticking your head in the sand,

chances are you may be experiencing negative health symptoms (unwanted eating challenges, dis-ease of the body, poor body image…)

It’s time to grow!

Your food/body challenge may be trying to get your attention.

To bring you OUT of your head and INTO your body.

To bring you fully into Presence.

To teach you something.

To help you learn.

To help you heal.

To help you grow.

Keyword = Help

Resistance is a tool.

Resistance in the gym is how the muscles of the body become stronger.

Your resistance/struggle with food/body isn’t a lack of willpower.

You are not broken.

Resistance is present to allow you the opportunity to meet the challenge, to learn something, and to become stronger.

To become the 💫You💫 that you are destined to be: mind, body, and soul.

Don’t run. Go toward yourself.

Use your resistance, your struggle, your dis-ease, your unwanted eating challenge, your body image battle to ask yourself all the questions.

These “challenges” may be the path back to you, to your purpose, to your everything.

These challenges are not obstacles; they are doorways.

Find yourself, find your power.

When You shift, so will your body.