If I eat only raw kale and hit the gym for hours then I’ve earned beer and wings for dinner.

If I reach my target weight then I’m allowed to buy new, fun clothing and start dating again.

If I have the perfect body then I’ll stop calling myself a pig.


Buy the clothes now. Look for that love you desire now. Stop the abuse NOW. 

Motivating yourself with “rewards” is a super sneaky way of motivating yourself with punishment (and not even realizing it).

So lemme get this straight, you’re gonna sit at Button Mash and watch everyone else chow down on those delectable double-fried chicken wings like you’re a toddler in a post-tantrum time-out, all because you didn’t have enough “willpower” to eat your dry, raw kale?

You set yourself up to fail with drastic, unrealistic diets, grueling workouts, and abusive self-talk. Then you punish yourself when you inevitably and predictably fail, even though duh, you set yourself up.

If your workout soundtrack is a bunch of negative self-talk on repeat, then your gym time is a form of self-punishment!

If eating healthy and exercising feel like a form of corporal punishment, you’re never gonna do it for the long haul, because most of us agree, punishment sucks.

If your best friend failed at something, would you punish your pal? 

If you aren’t treating yourself like your best, most dearest, truest friend, you’re doing it wrong!

Your body IS your best friend, your soulmate, your life partner, your reason for living, literally.

Stop punishing yourself with unsustainable diets and extreme exercise. 

Nutrition and exercise are forms of self-care and should make you feel better about yourself, like a new haircut or a meditation practice. 

Self-care should improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and foster positive relationships with yourself and others.

Reward yourself with self-care all the time, over and over again forever and ever.

Look, you are good enough (actually way better than just “good enough”).

So what if you haven’t met your goal . . .

 . . . yet.

It doesn’t matter. You’re worthy already!

Now that we know food and exercise is never a reward, it’s time to reward yourself with all the fun things you feel you would only deserve if you had already met your goal.

Like love.

Love your body, love yourself.

Instead of your flaws, focus on all the amazing things your body can do. 

You are alive! 

Focus on your inner and outer strength. 

Empower yourself with every healthy choice you make as you take the absolute best, world-class care of yourself. 

Trust me, you will feel infinitely more motivated to make those healthy food choices and get your workout on when you abandon the need to punish yourself and start operating from a positive mindset.

Not to mention, you’ll be a million times happier:)

Rewarding yourself with outstanding self-care and genuine, compassionate self-love is gonna be your new normal.

Starting today.

Join us at The Strength Shoppe.

And get yo’ self-care on!