Sticks and Stones may break my bones,

But words will never hurt me.

Ummmm, yeah. 🤨

Words are extremely powerful. They shape our world.

Words can create, words can destroy.

Words can manipulate.

Words can be weapons.

Words can create war and violence. 🤬

Words can offer comfort.

Words can heal.

Words can create love and friendship. 😘

One day many years ago, I wanted to write something funny. I felt inspired, so I wrote.

I shared this writing with a few people close to me. Most were entertained with my story and asked that I continue, eager to enjoy more of my humor. Then–

“You’re not a writer. You didn’t go to school for that.”

I stopped writing. 😶

Words can hurt you.

If you are impressionable or unsure, words can poison you. They can alter the course of your life. They can change who you believe yourself to be.

Words can be a more powerful weapon than sticks or stones.

Especially our own words to ourselves.

Our thoughts create our beliefs. Our beliefs shape our reality.

What are you saying to yourself?

Are you using your words as weapons? To create a war within?

Do you try to judge, blame, or shame yourself into positive change?

What we say to ourselves about ourselves defines ourselves.

We become what we believe we are.

I have a controversial view of declaring oneself an addict. I honor and respect the intention to commit to one’s healing, but I long for language of empowerment.

Saying “I am a compulsive eater” defines you by one behavior you wish to discontinue.

Words can change us. And we are constantly changing. We are not who we were yesterday, and we are not who we will become tomorrow.

Using our language to grow, heal, and empower ourselves will always feel better to me.

Who do you want to be?

Start speaking to yourself as if you are that future version of yourself, for that is who you are destined to become.

“I am learning how to have a healthy relationship with food, with my body, and with myself.”

Do not use your words as weapons against yourself. When negative words (or thoughts) come into your life, ask yourself, “Is this an absolute truth?” “Will believing these words feel good to me?”

When we consciously choose what we believe, we have more power over our lives. We have the power to become who we want to become and to live the lives we desire to live.

And when we do not use our thoughts as weapons against ourselves, we are less susceptible to the poisonous words of others.

Self-love is the most powerful way to create the body, the life, and the world of your dreams.

Tell yourself new stories, tell yourself new truths.

Here ya go:

I am funny. I am beautiful. I am healthy. I am strong. I am smart. I am wealthy. I am successful. I am relaxed. I am fun. I am fulfilled. I am happy. I am loved.

Transcend, then transform.