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“Regain Muscle Balance and Core Strength…

Biomechanical stability begins with muscle balance and core strength. The Superslow workout incorporates all that is needed to achieve both balance and strength. Melinda has helped patients of mine restore and maintain biomechanical stability with her expertise.”

-Richard Allegro, Doctor of Chiropractic.

"At Age 44 I Went from a Size 12/14 Tto Single Digits..

“Maybe you’ve heard me talk about how much I love Melinda and the SuperSlow® system on 95.5 KLOS, where I’m part of the morning show every weekday from 6-10am. It literally changed my life and the way that I look at working out. After years of stressing about five cardio sessions a week and regular sessions with personal trainers, at the age of 44, I finally went from a size 12/14 to a single digit jean! Something I only thought would happen in ‘another life.’ And all through one weekly 20 minute session! Granted, it’s a tough 20 minutes, but with Melinda’s encouragement, positive energy, and personal attention, I have been able to push myself physically– more than I ever thought possible. People are always asking me what I’m doing differently these days to achieve such dramatic results, and I just keep telling them, “Super Slow!!!” If you are looking to shake up your routine and discover muscles and strength that you didn’t know you had, this is the workout that you need to add to your life!”

-Kelli Gates

"I had Joint Problems. Within One Month, I Felt a Difference...

“I’ve been going to Melinda for almost two years, and I feel stronger now than I have in a long time. I was at a chiropractor’s office where I saw a brochure. I was intrigued because I’ve had joint problems in both of my shoulders. Physical therapy had been helpful. Working with weights was a big help in regaining my flexibility. I decided to try this workout a month or two, and if I didn’t see results, I wouldn’t continue. But within one month, I started to feel a difference. Not only do I feel stronger, I can see the difference in my arms and legs. I also like this workout because it’s easy to fit into my schedule. Twenty minutes once a week is a very easy commitment for me.”

-Roslyn Rozbruch

"Focused Attention Yields the Best Results...ur Title Goes Here

“I have worked out with Melinda for about a year, and I have to say this is the best training I have ever received. I have worked out in the past at the Sports Club LA and Equinox. At these large gyms, the trainers talk to other members and staff and do not focus 100% on you. Also, during certain workouts you have to wait for the machines. Melinda is the entire package. With slow lifting, and as the only one in the gym, she makes sure I train correctly, and as a result, I get all of the benefits. Additionally, her review of my diet has helped me lose 15 pounds. Her knowledge of slow lift exercises and diet really improved my health. Her constant smile and good nature makes it a pleasure to train with her.”

-Murray Drechsler

"I Lost that Last 10 Pounds Once and for All...

“Melinda has helped me lose that last 10 pounds once and for all! Before joining Melinda for my weekly workouts, I had lost all the weight from my pregnancy, except for 10 pounds, which I kept losing and gaining back over ten years. I tried jogging, hiking, and dieting and could lose the weight, but it kept coming back… I learned through Melinda’s nutritional counseling how to eat the foods I loved and still stay lean. The muscles I now sport are well earned with hard work, but it’s only 15 minutes once a week! I find the program easy to stick to and feel better for it. My bone density has increased, I have more stamina, and I climb stairs and hills more easily. After a workout, I feel like I’ve just ran 12 miles. Melinda is truly inspiring!!!”


-Genevieve Harlocker