Hey loves! 👋🏻

I’d like to introduce you to my sweatpants.

📸Marissa Freeman

We first met last weekend at Fred Segal. For those of you who do not live in LA (or are like me and do not know much about fashion and labels and designers), Fred Segal has designer clothes and shoes— and also food and drinks so . . . FUN!

Danielle McCahan Piazza was visiting so we were doing it up with a trip to Melrose! Not being much of a fashionista, I usually go for the mimosas.

But it was at Fred’s where I met this pair of designer sweatpants. They are super soft, and I instantly fell in love! 😍

They feel luxurious. And the fabric clings in such a way that makes me feel super sexy.

I feel so amazing in these pants.

I bought these designer sweatpants (despite hearing my mother’s voice in the background saying “you spent how much on sweatpants?!!”) justifying my purchase because I spend the majority of my time running a business/writing from my desk at home or working at my fitness studios. My everyday uniform IS sweatpants!!

But here’s the deal. The real reason to buy these sweatpants is not because I think I’ll use them a ton and get max value out of them.. The real reason to treat myself to these amazing pants is because THEY MAKE ME FEEL GOOD.

You deserve to feel good. Because when you feel good, you feel supported. And when you feel supported, you feel happy and you can do good work in the world and live an inspired life.

It’s your JOB in this life to take care of yourself, to support yourself, and to protect yourself so that you feel good and can live your best life by being your best self.

This is self-care.

And there are a million different ways to support yourself and your body with impeccable self-care.

For me this week, it was designer sweatpants.

And I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single person who saw me wearing these sweatpants commented on how awesome they are. Random strangers on the street stopped me to compliment my sweatpants. The coffee house next door asked if I’d pose for a marketing picture with a latte because they liked my pants!

Now I doubt the fact that these are the coolest sweatpants that have ever lived is stimulating all this buzz on the street. My guess is that it’s more about the way they make me feel and how that affects my energy and the way I feel in my body and the way I’m interacting with the world around me.

And that, my friends, is priceless!

Make today (and everyday) Self-care Saturday.

What would make you FEEL like a billion bucks?!

What would make you so happy that you’d have to choke back happy tears so people don’t think you’re a lunatic?

What would be the best thing ever, in the entire world, to you, right now, in this moment?

Why aren’t you doing that?!

Treat yourself. Feel good. Be happy. 😊😊😊

Disclaimer: I’ve worn these sweatpants three days in a row so far, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Judge away! 😜😂