Hate can’t create positive change.

So many of us live in hate when we desire to change something about our health or our bodies.

We go on restrictive diets and execute extreme exercise protocols.

We view our current circumstances as unfair, as annoying, as punishment.

In reality, symptoms (whether physical symptoms of disease or extra weight or dysfunctional eating habits) are the body’s attempts to send us messages.

Instead of listening to these messages with compassion and understanding, we hate on our bodies.

We punish our already suffering bodies.

We punish ourselves.


The struggle is real, y’all.

Right now, I am SO annoyed with my body’s allergic responses (acne, eczema, and sinus congestion) that I am at my wits’ end in this journey.


I have tried everything.

Why can’t my body just fix itself?!!!

Truth is, our bodies are always trying to “fix” themselves.

That is why you are getting these messages!

What is your body asking you to pay attention to?

And what is your response to your body’s request?

Do you respond with anger? With Hate?

We would never expect to help another human being with hate.

Extend yourself some compassion this week.

If you haven’t tried Love, you really haven’t tried everything.

You cannot hate yourself into positive changes.

Love must come first, always.

Love, Melinda