You = Stardust 💫

Our bodies are made of stardust and are impermanent.

We are constantly changing and evolving.

“Our bodies are never static. We’re dynamic beings, and we have to be dynamic to remain alive. This is not just true for us humans. It’s true for all living things.” (link below)

You are creating your body with everything you eat and the way you move, breathe, sleep, and live.

“Cells die and rebuild all the time. We’re literally not what we were a few years ago, and not just because of the way we think. Everything around us does this. Nature is not outside us. We are nature.” (link below)

While studying holistic nutrition many years ago, I realized that maintaining my weight (which was my primary focus at the time) was actually impossible.

Human beings are always in a state of either losing weight or gaining weight.

I threw away the scale.

Instead I began to focus on creating the body I wanted to live inside!

The types of foods you choose to eat and the QUALITY of those foods create your body from the inside —> out.

The exercise you choose to perform builds muscle and bone to create your body from the outside —> in.

Every choice you make (and every choice you don’t make 😱) creates your body, your being, your life, the world.

Create yourself.

With intention. With purpose. With consciousness. With love. ❤️💫❤️